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U.Va. CHARGE Reports

This page contains links to the reports U.Va. CHARGE produces as part of NSF requirements, as well as evaluation reports, reports on studies, and research generated by the program’s activities.




2016 Directors of Diversity and Inclusion End of Year

2016 Directors of Diversity and Inclusion Retreat

2016 November Faculty Search Seminars

2016 October Faculty Search Seminars

2016 Reforming Academic Reward Systems for Faculty

Bystander Intervention Workshop

Follow-Up Report - 2016 Faculty Search Seminars



Transforming Mr. Jefferson's Institution (to president and cabinet)

Transforming Mr. Jefferson's Institution (to faculty senate)

Institutionalizing Transformation (to faculty senate)

Institutionalizing Transformation (to diversity council)




UVa Charge Annual Program Report 2015

Department Demographic and Pipeline Data

2015 Faculty Search Committee Seminars Formative Evaluation Report

2015 Final Interim CHARGE Report

Executive Summary Dual Career Survey

2015 Final Dual Career Survey Report UVA CHARGE

2015-2016 Follow-up Report Faculty Search Committee Seminar

2016 CHARGE Evaluation Matrix

2016 CHARGE Logic Model - Current Projects


3rd Year Site Visit

A Third Year Site Visit is required by NSF of each ADVANCE grant and operates as a mid-program evaluation. The purpose of the site visit is to assess how well U.Va. CHARGE has implemented the grant activities outlined in the original proposals and whether or not we are meeting our program goals and expected outcomes. As part of the assessment U.Va. CHARGE was asked to create a binder for site visitors that provided them with all evaluation results, a mid-project report, a presentation about the program’s accomplishments and a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Oportunites, Threats) analysis, and other program documents.

To view these materials, click here.

CHARGE Respone to NSF 3rd Year Site Visit


Bi-Annual Report

U.Va. CHARGE produces two reports each year (November and June) outlining the program’s activities, accomplishments, challenges, and next steps. The June report includes the annual Toolkit data that all ADVANCE grants must report


The U.Va. CHARGE program produces a variety of studies, some are required by NSF while others are generated by the program activities.

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